Women in Leadership Encourage, Inspire

On Monday, November 26, 2012, Region 5 held their Women’s Leadership Network event. Approximately 40 members attended this highly successful evening. Great round of applause for the organizer of the event, Past-president Caroline Satoda. She did a fabulous job, together with the speaker panelists, facilitators, and MCs. Andy Parson organized the questions for the panelists, communicated with the panelists, and was co-Master of Ceremonies the event. Linda Wells was co-Master of Ceremonies as well and kept the panel members focused on answering the questions, assisted in creating the Wordle which can be found here, and handled all technical difficulties encountered. Diane Yee did a fun ice-breaking activity which allowed the members to socialize openly and freely.

Our Women’s Panel was powerful and dynamic, consisting of the following members:
Dr. Carolyn McKennan – Retired Superintendent, Morgan Hill USD
Dr. Elizabeth Blanco – Assistant Superintendent, SFUSD
Dee Dee Desmond – Assistant Superintendent, Superintendent’s Bayview Zone, SFUSD
Dr. Wendy Tukloff – Superintendent, Pacifica USD
Dr. Shawnterra Moore – Assistant Superintendent, South San Francisco USD
Dr. Alice Petrossian – Past President, ACSA

Special thanks to each and every one of them for sharing their personal and professional experiences, challenges, and words of wisdom about career opportunities, mentoring, balancing life, and the importance of  being supportive of each other. Their words were very motivational, inspirational, critical and important. We hope all attendees continue to  attend Region 5 events, get involved, and stay connected with us!