Charter Request for Funds

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R3Charter-CommReqforFunds 18-19 (PDF)

The purpose of this form is to define a process for Region 3 leadership team members (Charter Presidents, Committee Chairs, Council Presidents, and Executive Board members) to request region funds for special activities. This form is designed to assist the Executive Board in understanding the request and to assist those making requests in providing appropriate details.

Each year, the Executive Board will designate an amount of funding available for these requests. In the case of special charter activities, region funds will be approved to co-sponsor such activities. Requests will be considered and approved as long as funds are available. Requests may be for up to $500 (for an event or for the year). Requests exceeding $500 need to include a description of special circumstances. A check for the amount spent will be issued upon receipt of the event expenditure receipts.

The purpose of the special activity or project needs to link to state, region or charter ACSA goals and provide a benefit or support to local ACSA members.

Examples of requests include:

Charter level: (co-sponsored activities)

       Recognition events such as for exemplary programs and the people who make them work, for classified educational leaders, etc.  ACSA membership promotion events such as for new administrators

Committee level: (may or may not involve co-sponsorship)

       Materials and refreshments for region meetings

Region gift for statewide conference sponsored by state committee


Authorized persons, as identified above, must submit this completed form to:

Anna Trunnell, Region 3 President

Elk Grove Charter

Elk Grove Unified School

District Director Curriculum/Professional Learning

9510 Elk Grove-Florin Road, Elk Grove, CA 95624


The Executive Board will consider the request and announce action taken on the request at the next regularly scheduled Delegate Assembly meeting. The Executive Board welcomes all requests for region funds to sponsor special charter activities and region projects. Requests will be approved on as equitable a basis as possible to support the broadest range of activities and projects and to support the greatest number of charters as available funding allows. Please submit your request as soon as possible!