Elk Grove Outreach Mixer

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We held a successful Elk Grove Outreach Mixer at The Brick House on November 20th, attended by ACSA members, leaders and staff. We were delighted to have three new members join ACSA that evening, as we work with Elk Grove administrators to re-activate the Elk Grove Charter.

Elk Grove administrators enjoying the ACSA mixer at The Brick House
Legislative Advocate Sal Villasenor talking with prospective new members
Reg 3 President Jonathan Brunson with state ACSA 2014-15 VP Candidate Ralph Porras
Reg 3 Pres Elect Alicia Ausara, Chris Adams and new ACSA member Carrie Malenab
Event Sponsor Connie Raynor from Brandemann University & ACSA Membership Recruiter, Lillie Campbell
Anna Trunnell, Elk Grove member & Reg 3 rep to the C&I & Prod Dev Council; Melanie Dopson, EG member & R3 rep to Middle Grades Ed Council chat with prospective new members
Elk Grove ACSA member & Reg 3 rep to the Governance Task Force, Roxanna Villasenor
Ralph Porras addressing attendees