Strategic Planning Team Develops Final Draft Strategic Plan

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ACSA’s Strategic Planning Team reconvened in Ontario April 28-29 to finalize the plan document and review proposed action plans submitted by team leaders representing the nine strategies developed by the Planning Team last fall.

The Strategic Plan and its nine strategies are expected to propel the association into the future posed to best serve all school administrators. A notable outcome of the Planning Team meeting is that a controversial proposal to change the name of the association is off the table. In addition, Strategy 8, involving governance, will receive further study. The Strategic Planning Team accepted 41 out of the 45 Action Plans submitted.

The final draft of the Strategic Plan that will be forwarded to the Executive Director and Board of Directors can be viewed at ACSA leaders reviewed the plan during Delegate Assembly May 9. Final action is not anticipated by the ACSA Board of Directors until July.

Visit for more materials and updates on the planning process.