Below are brief meeting notes from our Region 2 council and committee state representatives following state meetings and web ex meetings. For more information, contact the appropriate state representative [Link to contact information]

9/2019 – Special Services and Special Education – Eli Gallup, representative

Here is the brief synopsis from the Student Services and Special Education Council.

The Student services and Special Education Council met on September 13th to finalize the planning for the Every Child Counts (ECC) Symposium to be held in February of 2020. The Symposium is being held in an amazing new destination location, JW Marriott Resort in Palm Desert.

The theme for the 2020 Every Child Counts Symposium is, “Transforming schools into an oasis of hope”, focusing on Social Emotional Learning and supporting Student Services.

The resort is amazing, the program is incredible and when you attend in February you will have a great experience while learning about best practices that support the students and staff that we serve.

The Every Child Counts Symposium is designed for both beginning and veteran educational leaders and focuses on the latest in the field of student services and special education.

Registration is now live and I would encourage you to review the ECC program and sign up today!

September 13 2019 Student Services and Special Education Notes


9/2019 – Equity & Diversity Committee – Edgar Lampkin, representative

As part of the update for our ACSA Equity & Diversity Committee, Edgar wanted to share with you that we were all asked to participate in providing a written article on Equity & Diversity Gaps. He had the September 2 column.


11/6/2019 – Equity Committee Meeting Notes, PowerPoint and Sample Region Action Plan


9/26/19 – Classified Education Leaders – Diana Christensen, representative

* The biggest topic was the CEL Institute which will be held 2/26-2/28/2020 in North Hollywood (flyer attached). It is shaping up to be a great conference! If you could push the information to our Region 2 folks, that would be appreciated. If anyone has any questions, please have them contact me.

* We discussed the strategic plan for the council, and reviewed data from the recent ACSA All Member Survey. We also discussed CEL Council Goals for 2019-2020.

* Finally, the CEL Council got a tour of the state capitol, which was super fun and interesting!

That’s about it! Next meeting will be 2/26/19, in conjunction with the CEL Institute.


Diana Christensen, SHRM-SCP, SPHR, PHRca
Director, Human Resources – Classified
Roseville Joint Union High School District
916.786.2608 or Internal Ext 1055


September 2019 Educational Options meeting, Greg Wohlman, representative

Bullet points from Ed. Options Council meeting, September 2019:


  • Many veteran members have returned to continue to serve on the council
  • Legislative Representatives for ACSA were present as they are very supportive of our work and met with a few of us for a pre-meeting the day prior. Many of us are active in the strategies and approaches to bring to Washington D.C. and advocate for youth.
  • Ed Options Council will be sending a team to advocate in Washington D.C. in April or May of 2020
  • One guest visiting the council spoke about doctorate work on . . ..
  • Member Greg Wohlman was asked to run for Ed Options Council President Elect
  • Member Greg Wohlman will be presenting at the November meeting in San Francisco about Alternative Accountability and how it can be linked to LCAP, School Accountability Plans, WASC, and Model School. Additional points will cover how to convince your school board that garbage data is just that, garbage data. And how to approach WASC in a new way to ensure your data and research is from the point of contact to the point of exit with students, and to truly understand where you are at with each new student from the beginning.

Notes from November 6 Council meeting


September 18, 2019 Adult Education Council, Jeff Ochs, representative

Adult Ed Minutes 9-18-19


Business Services Council, Tara Clark, representative

October 23, 2019 Meeting Highlights

The Council discussed that it would be helpful to have three takeaways:

  • The Council advocates for continued support of the LCFF with increases to base funding
    • If one-time funding is available, it should be used to offset increased costs for STRS/PERS or other needs that benefit all districts and not just some
  • Special education funding should be provided without requirements to increase program but should be available to offset districts’ existing contributions
  • In order to have weight, Districts need to frame their requests for additional resources in a context that explains how those needs relate back to students

BSC Minutes_10 23 19

Notes from January 17 Webinar

Here are my notes:

  • Gov comments on his support for LCFF, but the budget only reflect funding COLA at 2.79% (funding the minimum…)
  • This budget proposal shows support and funding individual programs – creating separate pots of funds for specific programs and services
  • Special Ed – proposes to replace AB 602 model with a new models that uses a 3 year rolling ADA average
    • Special Ed funds received this year for preschool and infants had no restrictions
    • Expected to receive again in 20-21, with restrictions to increase or improve services, and expected to be one-time in nature (how do you increase/improve services with one-time funds?)
    • Department of Finance is waiting for Dept of Ed to run numbers, but they are saying that the majority of districts would see a significant increase in Special Ed funding from this
  • Funds for Educator Recruitment and Professional Development – with a focus on high-needs areas and students
    • Educator Workforce Investments Grants $350M, Workforce Development Grants $193M, CA Teacher Credential Award Program $100M, expand the CA Classified School Employees Credentialing Program $64.1M
    • No details on how access these funds, but will likely be competitive grants with funds going to COE’s to distribute to districts
  • Funds for school nutrition to raise state reimbursement rate to $0.33 per meal
  • No additional pension relief funds for 2020-21
  • Fear from the group that the beginning of the end of Local Control is underway, with the creation of more categorical-type funds and programs“if it walks like a categorical, talks like a categorical….”
  • Discussed new expenditure tables, etc. from new LCAP template previews
  • Next meeting 2/27/2020 at ACSA in Sac

BSC Notes from March 31, 2020 conference call [Link]

BSC Notes from May 18, 2020 conference call re May Revise and Budget [Link]

BSC Notes from February 25, 2021 [Link]

Career Technical Education Council, Gregg Ramseth, representative

November 6, 2019 Meeting highlights

  1. CTE Messaging: CTE is about economic & workforce development, plus equity & equal access.
  2. SWP input: Strong Workforce is here to stay. An ACSA field survey is forthcoming.
  3. Accountability: A CTE Council member will get a seat on CDE’s CA Dashboard work-group.
  4. CDE Telegraphs: Get ready for student-led enterprises & a career crossover with STEAM.
  5. College credit classes: Let’s seek clarity among Dual, Articulated, w/ Concurrent options.

Full report of November meeting:  ACSA CTE Council Talking Points

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November 6, 2019 – Retirement Committee, Frank Chapman, representative

Nov 6, 2019 – Retirement committee recap

April 29, 2020 – Retirement Committee Meeting Summary


Co-Administrators Committee, Josh Rowe, representative

November 6, 2019

“Synopsis Co-Admin Meeting 11/6/19

The Co-Administrator Committee will be creating a brief newsletter to showcase/highlight all the thing co-administrators are doing around the state as well as offering some resources for co-administrators. The timeline is to have proposed content approved at our next meeting in February and to have a rough draft ready for our meeting in the spring. How this will be dispersed is still being discussed.

We had the privilege of speaking with ACSA President Elect Ron Williams, ACSA is currently putting together a Co-Admin Academy to be piloted next year. Co-Admin Committee members were asked by Dr. Williams to preview and give feedback on the course content. We are looking forward to giving feedback on this new academy.

Last year there were some professional development opportunities for co-administrators and they were not well attended. To help figure out why and to see what type of professional development opportunities would be needed and how we might deliver those to co-administrators a survey is being created for principals and assistant superintendents and superintendents to get their feedback on what is needed and how best to deliver that to their co-administrators. The survey should be pushed out after our February meeting.”

Co-Admin Committee 9/19/19 Synopsis

  •  New Co-Admin Committee Chair Julio Omier was introduced to replace Clarissa McNally.
  • To help publicize and make aware all of the things that co-administrators are doing, the co-admin committee will be creating a newsletter to send out, the frequency of the newsletter and the amount of articles and how it will be circulated will be discussed at our next meeting on November 6th.
  • The Co-Admin Committee will be completing a book study on Opening Doors: An Implementation Template for Cultural Proficiency by Trudy Tuttle Arriaga and Randall B. Lindsey
  • Not discussed in our last meeting but scheduled for the November 6 meeting is a survey for Principals, Assistant Supts and Supts, to see what type of professional development they feel is needed for co-administrators and what those PD sessions might look like.

Elementary Education Council, Jeremy Powell, representative

EEC MEETING SUMMARY 11-06-19 (Final)


Curriculum, Instruction & Accountability Council, Kim Little, representative []

Kim Little, Region Representative:

The CI&A Council met on November 6th before the Leadership Summit.

● After an annual review of the council bylaws, the group spent time developing an action plan for the newest council goals defined during the September WebEx Meeting: ○ Goal 1–The CI&A Council will provide resources for current, new and aspiring Curriculum, Instruction and Accountability Leaders. ○ Goal 2: ACSA’s Curriculum, Instruction and Accountability Council will align and coordinate support with California Association of Supervision, Curriculum and Design (CASCD) to address and support new and aspiring CI&A leaders, teacher leaders and new co-administrators.

● ACSA Governmental Relations team gave an update. Laura Preston shared that ACSA and the CTC are developing a bill to repeal the RICA. They are taking the stance that the assessment is outdated and needs to be embedded into credentialing program assessments. In addition, the group discussed the potential impact the passage of SB 328 will have on many schools. Specifically, the discussion steered towards how earlier start times will affect rural districts.

● Presenters from CORE shared an overview of the challenges of effectively choosing and implementing new adoptions across a system. They provided an implementation rubric as a resource:

● CASCD representative Sue Kaiser shared how this organization can connect districts with professional development and presenter

Link to notes from January 27 WebEx Meeting

Notes from May 15, 2020 WebEx Council Meeting [Link to notes]