ACSA Region 18 Open Positions!

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It is time to begin filling the open positions of the Region 18 Leadership Forum. In order to have a fair process, positions will be posted via MailChimp to all of Region 18 Members.

Listed below are the nine (9) open Leadership Forum positions who serve as our Region 18 Representatives on State Committees and Councils.

Please submit your Letter of Interest and Resume before Friday, March 27, 2020 by email to:
US mail to:
ACSA Region 18, Election Committee, P.O. Box 12436, El Cajon CA 92022

The Election Committee will review applicant information and make recommendations to the current Cabinet for vote by the Leadership Forum. Positions are effective July 1, 2020.
Region 18 Leadership Forum Representatives:

ACSA’s effectiveness in shaping education policy at both the state and federal level lies in its grassroots strength. To that end, ACSA is structured with issue-focused committees and job-alike councils made up of education leaders. Following are descriptions of each of ACSA Region 18’s open positions on committees and councils, as well as their purpose within the organization.  State ACSA Web page:

* President Elect
Purpose:  To carry the basic responsibility for the planning of the fall and spring regional conferences and other professional development activities. To serve on the Region Leadership Forum and the Cabinet. To become as knowledgeable as possible of the operations of the region and the state so that on assuming the duties of the president, one would be well prepared.

* VP Committees & Programs
Purpose:  To maintain contact with designated region chairs to ensure that each committee has an appropriate schedule of meetings, meeting topics, and submits regular reports to the Executive Board/Cabinet and the Region Leadership Forum. To ensure that all state committee deliberations that affect the region are summarized and submitted regularly to the Cabinet and Leadership Forum. To prepare such a summary statement in writing that may be included as part of the agenda material for each of the meetings of these two groups.

* Service Director Communications
Purpose: To direct the gathering, editing, and composition of the Region 18 newsletter, “The Communicator”. To oversee Region 18 website and maintain social media accounts.

* Service Director Membership
Purpose: To work with Charter Membership Chairs, Executive Director/Consultant, Administrative Assistant, and State ACSA to recruit, welcome, and retain ACSA members. To use charts, incentives, and active participation to increase Region 18 membership.

* ACSA/CAPEA Special Committee
Purpose: To identify and study issues in the areas of higher education, administrator preparation and licensing, professional development providers, and legislation for the purpose of building collaboration and informing policy. To work collaboratively to identify issues and concerns of higher education and K-12 public education, professional preparation and development, and partnerships among school districts, institutions of higher education, and professional development providers. To influence and contribute to the education research agenda. To identify issues and make recommendations regarding increasing diversity and membership in the ranks of education administrators and professors of educational administration.

* Equity, Achievement & Diversity for Success Committee
Purpose: To build the capacity in equity leadership and cultural proficiency of all educators within the organization and throughout the state of California to effectively eliminate all equity gaps.

  • Identify and research issues related to equity and diversity
  • Develop strong recruitment and retention policies and practices to grow membership
  • Recommend policies, practices, and resources which lead to quality instructional/educational programs and services
  • Assist in the development of programs, resources, and materials to help leaders effectively respond to equity issues
  • Establish partnerships and communication links
  • Assist the board in implementing aspects of the association strategic plan

* Legislative Policy Committee
Purpose: To identify and study areas of needed legislation impacting ACSA members and public education. To solicit sponsorship requests from ACSA members and sponsor bills improving conditions in California schools. To study proposed legislation and, based upon ACSA’s Legislative Platform and additional input from the Board of Directors, establish ACSA’s position on state and federal legislation. To assist in the establishment of the ACSA Legislative Platform.

* Classified Educational Leaders Council
Purpose: To build and maintain a vibrant and purposeful network of classified leaders, who share a mutual commitment to excellence and are valued as members of their leadership team. To develop and enhance professional growth opportunities for classified educational leaders, promote ACSA membership, and encourage participation in all levels of ACSA.

* Secondary Education Council
Purpose: To identify and study issues and make recommendations to the ACSA Board of Directors related to secondary education. To recommend practices and policies that will lead to high quality programs for secondary students. To recruit secondary administrators as members and to maintain a liaison between ACSA, National Association of Secondary School Principals (NASSP), California Interscholastic Federation (CIF), and other state agencies relating to secondary education. To plan and coordinate professional development programs for secondary administrators.

Region 18 CHARTER Officers are elected through the individual Charters and provide another opportunity for you to participate in ACSA Leadership.

Tom Teagle, Ed. D
Executive Director/Consultant
ACSA Region 18
P.O. Box 12436
El Cajon CA 92022
Cell: 619-855-5201
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