2012 Every Student Succeeding

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Mirza Hernandez, Region 18’s 2012 ESS Recipient

Mirza Hernandez made tremendous progress in her last two years in high school. Her English teacher encouraged her to take AP English her junior year, which required a leap of faith from Mirza since she had failed regular English in grade 10.

But she really blossomed in AP English. As she worked to help raise her 9-year-old brother, she turned herself around from being an unmotivated student to passing all her classes and starting to think about going to college.

But her prior lack of motivation had left her deficient in credits. That didn’t stop this determined girl. She transferred to a different school in her senior year so she could take advantage of their trimester system. That wasn’t enough though, so she took night classes too, all this while working at the local Jack in the Box.

Through her hard work, she finished all her A-G classes and now looks toward her goal of graduating college and becoming a social worker.

ACSA is pleased to honor Mirza Hernandez and the Region 18 team that supported her.

For more information on the ESS Program and to download the 2013 nomination form, please visit www.acsa.org/ess.