Ambassadors Bring “Back To School Bagels”

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The ACSA Ambassador program is designed to welcome new ACSA members and encourage them to become active in our professional organization.  One program designed by the ACSA Member Services Department, home of the Ambassador program, has Region Ambassadors connect with a new administrator at a school during the first few weeks of the school year and deliver “Welcome Back” bagels.

This year Lead Ambassadors for Region 13, Steven Bailey and Michael Tapia, visited new Principal, Karin Just, at Citrus Glen Elementary in the Ventura Unified School District with 2 dozen bagels and “schmears” for the staff to enjoy during the first hectic weeks.  She greeted us with smiles and loved the ACSA bagels!

We welcome new Principal Karin Just and all of our new members – we hope to be able to visit you all soon to let you know the wonderful things that you can expect – and participate in – with ACSA.