Mountain-Desert Management Association (MDMA) Charter Fall Social Event: “Supporting Our Students”

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Deputy  Greg Jones was the keynote speaker for the MDMA Fall Event held on November 4, 2019 at the Adelanto High School Performing Arts Center.  Deputy Jones informed the Mountain Desert Management Association of the challenges the youth in the region are having such as sex trafficking, homelessness and violent crimes.  He presented the programs offered through the Sheriffs Department and informed attendees, as educational  leaders, can take advantage of the programs and who will benefit .  As the Chief Liason Officer, he discussed the restorative practice programs that he has implemented in the local area schools, their successes and how we can access them.

After the presentation a trophy was given the district with the highest attendance.  Although many districts were represented, Adelanto Elementary School District won with flying colors.  The Superintendent, Dr.  Nguyen- Hernandez, received the trophy and delivered a brief speech on how she encourages her administrators to attend these valuable and educational events put on by ASCA MDMA.


-Submitted by Carla Hamilton-Yates, MDMA President