Student-Associate Charter Hears Lowdown on Current School Discipline Issues

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The SAC charter was honored to receive Mr. Craig Baker, Child Welfare & Attendance Director for Fontana USD, at its mini-conference held at the Azusa Pacific University San Bernardino Campus on April 25, 2018. Mr. Baker is also this year’s Region 12 Pupil Personnel Administrator of the Year.

Much has changed in recent years in regards to Education Codes and other laws and policies on the books in regards to student discipline. Administrators walk a finer line when it comes to suspensions, expulsions, and “Other Means of Correction.” Mr. Baker pulled no punches in outlining specific and commons school site situations and how they should now be handled.

This event was also attended by Dr. Ron Williams, Superintendent of VVUHSD, who is currently a candidate for State ACSA V.P.

The SAC charter is comprised mostly of teachers who are itching to join administrative ranks where they wi

ll surely face these issues daily. Thank you Mr. Baker for your keen insights!

Craig Baker, CWA Director for Fontana USD, briefs SAC members on the latest regulations regarding student discipline.

Dr. Ron Williams, Superintendent of Victor Valley Union HSD, attended and spoke of his candidacy for State ACSA VP and the importance of ACSA to SAC members.