Region 12 Developing Strategic Plan to Complement State ACSA Strategies and Policies

March 25, 2017  |  

State ACSA embarked on the Strategic Planning process in 2012. A Strategic Planning team developed a draft plan, which was approved by the Board of Directors the following year. The final Strategic Plan contains a new mission statement as well as nine strategies for success, and within each strategy are distinct action plans. The work of Phase 1, which began in 2013 and ended in June of 2015, went far beyond the scope of the initial action plans. This work is outlined in the Phase 1 Implementation Summary. We have now embarked on Phase 2, continuing our work in several key issue areas: education advocacy; learning experiences and professional development; alliances and networks; communications, marketing and branding; technology; and governance and finance.

The above statements is taken directly from the State ACSA website. You can see the actual plan at this link:

StrategicPlan state

Of course, for the state plan to be successful, individual regions must do their part to support it. One way is the development of smaller-scale strategic plans at the region level. Your region, working with the Leadership Assembly and under the direction of President Kim Cavanagh, has a start. You can see our plan here:

Strategic Plan region


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