President’s Message

A message from Donya Wheeler,
President, ACSA Region 11

It is my honor to serve as President of Region 11 during the 2017-2018 term.  I am very excited about the great year of opportunities ahead for our region.  We have committed and dynamic leaders from Tulare, Kings, East Kern, West Kern, and Inyo & Mono counties who strive to inspire educators and students throughout our vast region every day.  It is together that we are legislative advocates and a loud voice at the state level to meet the diverse needs of all California students.

 In alignment with ACSA’s strategic plan, Region 11 will focus our work on three critical areas: we will be authoritative advocates for all matters pertaining to education and its leaders, we will build and maintain vibrant, purposeful networks of educational communities, and we will cultivate transformational technologies in all aspects of our work.  Our region planning retreat was highly productive in developing our annual organizational goals and ensuring that local charters use these goals to guide their work throughout the year.

 Region 11 is committed to achieving the goals and objectives set forth by our executive board, state representatives, charter presidents, directors, and committee and council representatives.  We will increase our visibility and involvement with both local and state legislation.  It is our goal to continue to increase membership and provide meaningful opportunities for collegial collaboration through local academies and high quality professional development.  By prioritizing accessibility of information and visibility of our ACSA brand, we will utilize Web Ex to connect with members throughout the region and expand our social media presence using a variety of digital resources.

 Under the leadership of State ACSA president, Dr. Lisa Gonzales, our region is also committed in ensuring our priorities are aligned by using technology to work smarter than harder, providing mentorship opportunities, and increasing family involvement and awareness in ACSA’s mission.  Our region is comprised of leaders who are highly focused and constantly dealing with high stress demands.  Together we often use humor and fun to make our region one of enjoyment and excitement!  I am confident that our voice will be heard as we have a well thought out plan and direction to achieve great success this year.


Dr. Donya Wheeler
President, ACSA Region 11
559-592-9421 ext. 9102