Charter Minutes

10/20/2010 ACSA Monterey Meeting Minutes

1)    Approval of Minutes

9/15/10 Minutes unanimously approved.  Moved by Matt, second by Buck.

2)    Officers Report

  • Everyone is encouraged to vote for and spread the word for Larry Aceves for Superintendant of Public Instruction
  • Leadership Summit is in San Diego
  • PD is available locally

3)    Delegate Assembly Update from Buck

  • Presentation on the Common Core Standards Adoption.  The thought it that things will be ready by 2014
  • Commission on Teacher Credentialing is evaluating how administrative credentials are issued.  The CTC asked if current programs were sufficient and what could be improved.  The CTC is also looking at changing the test

4)    Discussion about issues Co-Administrators face

There is a difficulty of everything being new and a steep learning curve.  Handling discipline can also be hard at times.  Others encouraged co-administrators to collaborate with each other to know how other schools handle situations.  Cyberbullying is an increasing problem that is hard to deal with.  Everyone would like to have ACSA offer a summer workshop on how to do discipline and teacher evaluations.

Decision: People agreed the cyberbullying was a difficult issue to deal with.  It was decided that we would look for a couple of people to come speak on cyberbullying at the spring event.

Action: Ryan will set up a monthly meeting for co-administrators to meet and collaborate.

5)    Fall Social

November 19th @ 4:30 in the Safari Lounge at the Bay Park Hotel.

6)    Spring Event

Decision: Spring Event will be April 1, 2011.  Will include dinner and there will be a speaker(s) on cyberbullying.

7)     Next meeting is November 17.  The December 15 meeting is canceled

Meeting Adjourned

Respectfully submitted

Ryan Peterson